How To Bypass Windows 7 Password

Bypass Windows 7 password – Multiple options

There are many reasons you will want to bypass the Windows 7 password prompt. Maybe you’ve simply forgotten your password, or wish to hack into your partners’ account to see what they’ve been up to. And it’s good news because it’s actually quite simple and there are a couple methods you can use. I will discuss each one here in a step by step format.

Bypass Windows password NOW:


Using Standard Windows Command Prompt

This one may seem quite complicated for non technical people, but fear not, it’s not as hard as you may think at first. Now the folk at Microsoft knew that like all operating systems, system critical faults will occur in Windows. Therefore a diagnostic version of Windows is included in all versions, known as ‘safe mode’. It was designed as a way to get rid of viruses and the like, as well as resetting the password if lost. But for this one, you must have an administrator password already setup when you first got the computer. I take it you have. So here goes.

  1. Start up or re-boot your PC or laptop.
  2. As soon as the computer starts up, tap the F8 key. This loads up the Advanced Boot Options menu. Now Windows 7 has three boot options.
  3. The one we want to select here is Safe Mode with Command Prompt, so go ahead and use the arrow keys then hit enter when you’ve highlighted this option.
  4. When everything loads up, log in as administrator and you should see a black command prompt screen with green text. Simply type net user then hit enter. This will display a list of user names for all the users of the system.
  5. So choose the user account you wish to bypass the password for. For this example purpose, let’s say the user name is larry. Now type net user ‘larry 942′ then hit enter. The 942 is the new reset password for the account larry.

Now re-boot your system and login with your new password. That’s it! Simple uh?


Using Password Recovery Software

Now I guess some of you are asking “What if I don’t have the administrator password?”. Well, there is another way to hack the password. Now there are many such password cracking programs out there, some free, some paid for. Here I will discuss a free one name Ophcrack. This is the most popular free software to bypass the Windows 7 password, but if your password is greater than 14 characters long it won’t work and there also is no guarantee for both successful password reset and safety of your files.

  1. First and foremost, you’ll need to download the software. So do a Google search for the term Ophcrack Vista LiveCD ISO image file. Make sure you don’t download the version for Windows XP, it simply won’t work. Of course, you’ll need access to another computer to download the software.
  2. Now you need to burn the ISO image onto a blank CD-R. ISO stands for International Standards Organisation and used for writing or copying entire CD’s and DVD’s. Now most PC’s and laptops come with CD burning software these days. If not, I recommend one called Nero Smart Start.
  3. Once you’ve burned your CD, insert the disc into the Windows 7 system you wish to bypass the password for. Now when the loading screen appears, begin tapping the F12 key to bring up the boot menu (you might need to hit another key depending on your computer). Select the option to boot from CD/DVD drive.
  4. The software will then initialize when it restarts. Hit the Enter key when you see the logo screen – the option for graphics mode, automated.
  5. A list of all the users of the system should now appear. Using the arrow keys, select which account you wish to bypass the password, then click on the launch button. The software now begins to crack the password. Just let it run until the NT Pwd column displays the password.

That sums up two free ways to bypass a Windows 7 password. There are quite a few paid for software tools out there you can use for this purpose, but if you create a Windows 7 password reset disk when you first get your computer, the safe mode, command prompt is the way to go.

If you didn’t make a password reset disk and you are not comfortable using free tools, you should purchase software which will do the job for you. This kind of software is designed specifically to succesfully reset your password and leave anything else on your computer intact. You don’t want to lose any of your files or even worse, do you? Besides, you have access to full support if you need to ask any questions.

As mentioned before, there are quite a few paid for tools available. Password Resetter works on all versions of Windows and will grant you access to your account again in just a few simple steps.

Easily bypass the Windows 7 password:

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