Windows 7 password reset disk

Forgot Windows password? No password reset disk?

No worries, we have the solution!
Reset all Windows passwords without any hassle.

Download password resetter

Quick, Easy, Safe.. WIN!

This excellent piece of software will solve your problem.
Just fire it up and follow these 3 easy steps to reset your windows password:

  •  Click on the option for USB or to burn a CD
  • This will mean that Password resetter will copy or even burn the windows file that you have to a USB or a CD.

  •  Insert the disc or component into the computer
  • It will load itself and search and find your windows username, once this is done it will reset your password.

  •  Restart your computer
  • You will be able to access without using your previous password.

It’s that easy and above all, it’s safe!

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One big consolation that comes with this software is that you will never have to reformat your computer to access its services.
Another advantage is that you will not have to worry on what operating system your machine is running on as it is friendly to all windows operating systems.

A standard Windows 7 password reset disk needs to be made beforehand to be useful. If you haven’t done this and you forgot your Windows 7 password then this software is going to save the day.
You could reinstall Windows if you wished but run the risk deleting or damaging your files.

Password Resetter is safe as well as the product will not erase or destroy any of your data.



It’s on many instances that one would like to reset their Windows password that helps them maintain privacy on details that they want to keep private but by accident locks out the owner as well. Many stand at a dilemma on finding good software that they can load onto their computers for use in this specific purpose thus the need to read this, as it will help you be able to solve your password recall problems.
It is important that a password resetter be compatible with various operating systems but this has proved to be a challenge as some are found not to work properly when installed on operating systems like windows 2000, vista, windows XP, or windows 7. Since these are the most commonly used operating systems, it is important that you get the right information to the best suited password resetters that don’t need the use of a password reset disk.

This software can be termed as highly effective and user friendly to anyone who gains access to it. If you have a tendancy to forget your password then this is a must have tool and if that’s not the case you will never know when you will need it and instead of the rush at the moment it would be best to have it handy.


Password Resetter is about the best Windows 7 password reset tool that you can use to reset your passwords whether user or administrator
in a short time and in an such an easy way that
you will be left amazed.


Go for safe and order Password Resetter. There are free password recovery programs available on the internet but generally these products are more difficult to use and don’t always work on all versions of the Windows operating system or simply not at all. This is not the case with Password Resetter, it works on all versions of Windows. This software has 2 packages that one is able to choose from which are a Personal Edition and a Corporate Edition. The personal edition enables you to create a bootable CD and USB, access all day round technical support, access GUI and a lifetime license for 1 person.
The corporate edition enables the user to create bootable USB and CD, access GUI, Access all day technical support and a lifetime license for 5 computers.

Windows 7 password reset disk set